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My Fitbitch Dream Challenger Year

March 15, 2015 at 10:08
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Have you ever wondered what you might accomplish if you had a year of fitness and nutrition coaching to pursue your dream goals?

That’s what Bec Taylor, 38, has experienced for the last 12 months after becoming our Dream Challenger winner in March 2014. This entitled her to ONE YEAR of Fitbitch camps, HiiT sessions and running coaching. 

In that time, Bec has changed her body shape (click here for the latest and pictures) weight and fitness from an obese, stay-at-home worker who never exercised, to the kind of woman others now look up to as an inspirational fitness figure.

She still has one more Dream Challenge to go, the Brighton Marathon. But before that final chapter, read   Bec’s penultimate despatch about her incredible journey.   And how YOU could become our next Dream Challenger 2015-2016…


‘When I won the Dream Challenger competition, I was elated but terrified. It was an amazing opportunity but it was scary to think of a year of fitness training. What if I failed and couldn’t stick to it?

I was 37, 15 stone and my BMI put me in the clinical obese category. I had not exercised for years, suffered from insomnia and daily back ache.

I knew things had to change, but taking that first step was scary.

The negative thoughts, could my body cope, what would it be like training with a bunch of women I’d never met, how would I cope with getting up every morning? All of those thoughts are the kind of things that could have stopped me making that first move, and missing out on what has proved to be life changing.

The first camp was tough. I couldn’t run one kilometre as part of the fitness test and had to walk/run it, and I couldn’t do a single sit up or a push up. But everyone was so friendly, encouraging and supportive, it made it an enjoyable, if challenging experience.

Still, it was all I could do to imagine getting through the year of camps. If you had told me then where I would be now, I would never have believed it.

Week by week, camp by camp, I became fitter and stronger. By the end of that first course, I’d gone from not being able to run 1km to running 5km. Each obstacle I overcame made me more determined and the support from the other Fitbitches and coaches inspired and motivated me to keep working.

Soon, the weight started dropping off and I could see visible changes in my body shape. This wasn’t just due to the exercise but the Fitbitch eating plans.

I work from home, and had been eating microwave ready meals, Pot Noodles, tinned soups and takeaways because it was easy and I couldn’t cook. Add to that the fact that I had access to the kitchen and temptations.

Having a simple eating plan with a clear list of what I could and couldn’t eat took away any indecision over what to put in my shopping basket. Most significantly of all, I learned to cook by following the Fitbitch recipes.

I now realise that the key to healthy eating is to plan ahead. I eat eggs for breakfast with asparagus or spinach which keeps me full until lunch. And I’ve learned to no longer eat diet or low fat products, which contain hidden sugars and leave me feeling unsatisfied.

Not only did my body shape begin to change in those first few months but the healthy eating and exercise cured me of insomnia, my backache improved, my skin glowed and I was full of energy.

I’d felt so self conscious of my body when I started, I wore baggy tracksuit bottoms. Soon, I swapped these for running tights and I became less concerned about my body image as becoming the fittest and strongest I could become.

Then in April, Rachael the founder of Fitbitch, asked me to take on my first Dream Challenge, to be the swimmer in a relay triathlon team. I decided to challenge myself further and take on the entire thing on my own.

And so for four Saturdays, Fitbitch ran free triathlon training and a group of between 10-20 women met to swim, bike and run the distance. Looking back now, I realise it was a monumental thing to take on so early in my fitness journey. But crossing the finish line of the triathlon on June 1st 2014 was one of my proudest moments.

I’d got the bug and couldn’t wait to sign up to more Dream Challenges. Now, they felt exciting not daunting. I knew that if I just committed to them and trained, I could do anything.

I became part of a Fitbitch Dream Challenge team taking on the Kamikaze obstacle race in May 2014, and Nuts in August, 2014. Being part of a team, and the encouragement and feedback I got from friends and colleagues gave me such a confidence boost. And it was amazing to realise that I was beginning to inspire those around me.

My parents signed up to their local gym, and now regularly test their 5k running times, and my brother has entered his first marathon, the Brighton Marathon.

It’s also created an entirely new circle of amazing friends and helped me connect with family.

When I ran the Great North Run, a half marathon in September last year, I stayed with my aunt who I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. I would never have met her again had it not been for this and our relationship has stayed strong.

It’s amazing to be able to think of myself as a runner, something I would never have dreamed was possible. Two weeks ago, I ran the Brighton Half Marathon and took 25 minutes off my time from September. And this weekend, I ran 18 miles for my marathon training. A year ago, I couldn’t even run 1km.

My lowest point this year? NOT being able to exercise when I got a hamstring tear.

And my real standout moment of the year was taking part in the Advanced Body Athletic Camp (coming in May 2015) alongside the fastest and strongest women at Fitbitch. After 16 weeks of consistent training, I was able to keep up and hold my own.

This year has changed the trajectory of my life. I’ve transformed my health, body shape and fitness, made amazing friends and raised over £1000 for charity. Most of all, it’s changed my idea of myself and what I can achieve.

I will never revert to how I once was because I have the tools and confidence to keep on challenging and training myself.

My fitness journey is an ongoing adventure with lots more Dream Challenges in line for the year ahead, including London to Paris bike ride and the Great North Run.

I know other women reading this probably think, ‘I could never do that.’ But you can. You really can.

It does feel hard and it does hurt at first, but from that challenge comes an incredible sense of achievement.

I started from a very unfit, unhealthy place and look what I’ve managed to achieve in one year?  I’m no different than anyone else.

My motto? Be brave. And get support. Training with the Fitbitch coaches and the other women within the camps and running club, has been the key to keeping me motivated and has been vital in my success.

Bec’s Dream Challenge Achievements 2014 – 2015

  •  Hove Parkrun 5km, April 2014
  • Kamikaze Obstacle Race, May 2014
  • Sprint Triathlon, June 2014
  • Phoenix Seafront 10km, July 2014
  • Nuts Obstacle Race, August 2014
  • Great North Run, Half Marathon, September 2014
  • Brooks 10km, November 2014
  • Brighton Half Marathon, February 2015
  • Brighton Marathon, April 2015

 If YOU would like to be our Dream Challenger 2015 – 2016, enter our competition HERE. Closing date 29th March, 2015.

Alternatively, if you would like to join us in training for one of our Dream Challenger events this year, please indicate which events HERE

Terms & Conditions:  Our Dream Challenger competition is only open to new members. Please read our list of terms BEFORE entering.










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Win a JoggBox

February 12, 2015 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you’re ever short on gift ideas for the running buddy in your life, this new running goodies delivery service is a great idea..

Win a JoggBox

I don’t know about you but I LOVE getting treats through the post almost more than something gift-wrapped. It’s the surprise element that is the best of all.

And so we think this is a neat idea if you have a running buddy or partner in your life.

Each box contains a selection of goodies perfect for the runner in your life, and these change month by month, often showcasing new products from nutrition and sports companies.

Think Raw Carrot and Cinnamon Muesli from Primrose Kitchen, Foot Rubz, a massage ball for runner’s feet, Almond Butter, Energy Gels and more.

The box we received is definitely more suitable for endurance runners (you’d end up the size of a house if you used all the energy gels running 5kms!) and we’d hope that as this service gains popularity there are a few less sports gels.  But if they iron out these problems this is a great idea.

Subscriptions start from £15 plus P&P per month or you can pay a one-off £20 for a gift-wrapped box. For more details visit

Want to get your hands (and feet!) on one? Subscribe to our running newsletter by inputting your name at our run club website for EXCLUSIVE offers and prize draws.

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Are men REALLY better at losing weight?

January 8, 2015 at 6:56
Posted by Rachael Woolston

According to a recent study by Marks & Spencer, men are more successful at dieting with 23% saying they find it easy. So this January, we’re pitting our Dream Challenger, Bec Taylor against Rich Sage, a developer at Fitbitch HQ to see who will lose the most and we’re inviting YOU to join our gender diet battle too…

In the women’s corner, meet Bec Taylor, 36, who at 5ft 10 inches weighs 13 stone, 8 lbs with a BMI of 28.1. She has already lost over two stone with us but has hit a plateau and is looking to lose another two stone by April.

And in the men’s corner, meet Rich Sage, 32. He’s 6ft 1inches, weighs 16 stone and has a BMI of 29.3. He is currently already part of an online competition amongst developers around the world which you can join or follow on Twitter BiggestLoserPHP15

How do their measurements stack up?

Bec’s current BMI is s currently considered overweight. Rich’s current BMI is right on the margin between overweight and obese. Both need to reach a BMI of 25 to reach a healthy range.

So, how are they going to do it? Rich will be following on Online Detox & Define Workout and Diet Programme, £35, while Bec will be taking part in our Detox and Define Boot Camp course with the same diet.

I put my hands up and admit that I debated whether creating a weightloss competition was an OK thing to do. But it works – it works for The Biggest Loser and many other fitness challenges so why not this?

If you would like to take part and join Bec or Rich, get in touch. We start January 12th!

We will be tracking their results weekly which you can follow on Facebook or via Twitter #GenderDietBattle 

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Win goodies – with a #breakfast selfie

June 6, 2014 at 12:33
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Here at Fitbitch, we know that getting in shape, or supporting your performance aims is not just down to how you exercise but what you eat & drink. So share your breakfast selfie and you could win a goodie bag worth £60

We are giving away a goodie bag of a Fitbitch hoodie, some delicious Cocofina Coconut & Date Bars and The 2 Day Diet Cookbook, £12.99, (, packed with delicious recipes for those following a 5:2 eating plan, and even those that are not.

All you have to do is post pictures of your breakfast, whether it is a juice, smoothie or something else to our Facebook page, or tweet @fbbootcamp #breakfastselfie.

We will announce the winner at the end of July.

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Would a man’s running style put you off?

September 13, 2012 at 2:59
Posted by Rachael Woolston

ooh, nice shorts

So, you’re runing along lost in your own world or else panting badly as you are midway through a pace run, when a male runner makes an approach.

Taking aside the etiquette of whether you should disturb a fellow runner, how do you deal with it?

Do you:

1. Start chatting, knowing full well you may then have to run five miles with them and they might be an idiot

2. Say hi and then speed up or slow down to lose them

3. Stop dead and as you shout out, ‘Sorry, I’m just on a rest phase.’

And then there are the other minefields.

So, you decide to run along with them and think he’s quite nice. But what if he runs funny?

Call us shallow but could you really date a man who runs funny? Or someone who choose to dress head to foot in compression gear when they clearly don’t need it? And then there is that tricky question of running shorts.

Women in running shorts work, men? Hmm, we’re not so sure.

Have you ever been put off a man after seeing him run? Or by his running gear? What is the worse crime against fashion when it comes to running apparel?



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