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H.I.T sessions to burn fat in half the time

January 6, 2014 at 3:38
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Light up the winter mornings with HIT sessions

Let’s face it, most of us start any fitness regime because we want to lose weight and look good. The rest, feeliing good and doing it for the challenge of it, comes later and is vital if you want to stick to a healthy exercise regime.

But if you’re looking for something purely for the sake of getting results fast, then HIT, high intensity training as part of our new brand HIT Men & Women,  could be the perfect solution.

What are HIT sessions? They are very short workouts which involve pushing yourself to the maximum of YOUR personal limit, wherever that may be currently. And the beauty of these workouts as their effectiveness is backed up by scientific research. The workouts are based on scientific research, including that of

In 2005, a study by Martin Gibala, Professor of Exercise Science at McMaster University in Canada showed that 30-second bike sprints for a total of two minutes led to the same muscle adaptation (or nicer looking legs if you prefer) as two hours of long steady bike training. And the list of research goes on and translates to being effective across all forms not just cycling.

But it’s not just the physical effect on your body that is worth noting about HIT Men and Women sessions. They can:

Speed up fat loss

Studies have shown that you can expect to lose 1-2kg in 6-8 weeks, even without changing your diet.

Decrease the hunger hormone

Lepin, sometimes known as the hunger hormone, has been shown to decrease in women who followed a fast style exercise programme.

Curb appetite

A study in the Intenrational Journal of Obvesity showned that 594 calories are consumed after an intense HIT session compared to 710 of those who exercised moderately.

Strengthen the heart

By helping to make the muscle of the heart bigger and more efficient.

Improve blood sugar control

A trial at Abertay University showed that just two 60 second sprint workouts a week led to improvement in blood sugar control, one of the key components in cravings.

Best of all, it means you get results fast in less time which is perfect if you have a busy life with family and work.

Fancy trying it? Then don’t miss our HIT Men and Women camp (or drop in sessions) starting back this Wednesday 8th January on Hove Seafront. Open to complete beginners choose from 6.30am or 7am, a thirty minute workout that will get results.

We have a special HALF PRICE NEW MEMBER OFFER (you must be completely new to Fitbitch) or you can book half the camp or  single session drop ins via our Prices and Booking Page.

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