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Learn to Run Trails to 10 miles

March 6, 2016 at 8:20
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you can already run 5km and would love to build up to 10 miles while enjoying spectacular off road running scenery, then don’t miss our popular beginners to 10 miles trails course. It will help to boost your running mojo, not to mention introduce you to new techniques and great new routes to run.

With qualified coach, Tara to help motivate and provide technique pointers, as well as the motivation of running with others, this course will make you fall in love with trail running and also get you ready for the BlueBell 10 mile run (which is also part of our challenge events so you could win points/rewards for taking part) if you decide to join us at this event.

You don’t have to enter but it’s a beauty of a race with carpets of bluebells through the woods where you run. A great achievement to crown your running course.

The course will NOT run on Easter Sunday and those with ** below will run on Saturday. The full course price is discounted for members (annual membership fee costs £50) but if you can’t make all the runs, you can also pay a single drop in fee per Sunday.

Members Course, £45 (drop in £8), Non members, £60 (drop in £11)

March 6th,  Meet First car park on Devil’s Dyke Road AFTER the fork (4 miles)

**Saturday March 12th – Second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road just PAST the Golf Farm sign on the RIGHT (5 miles) map

March 20th – Stanmer Park, car park nearest the tea rooms and church car  (6 miles) map

March 27th – Easter Sunday no run

April 3rd – FIRST car park on Saddlescoombe Road after going over the roundabout

April 10th – Second Car Park on Devil’s Dyke Road just past the Golf Farm sign on the right, see map from March 13 (9 miles)

**Saturday April 16th – Hove Park, by the mini roundabout intersection of Goldstone Crescent and Woodland Drive near Three Corner Copse, (10 miles) map



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#runloud – Banana tights win

May 13, 2014 at 5:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Over the last few months, we’ve been running an ongoing social media campaign, encouraging women to stand out and be noticed. Bin the black, forget being self conscious about what your body looks like and celebrate what your body can DO through movement.

We’ve had lots of entries, but our winning #runloud picture, as voted by YOU was Louise Carter, from Brighton in her banana tights from H&M.

Want to be in with a chance of winning our next #RUNLOUD competition? Simply post a picture of yourself in your colourful leggings or run shorts to our Facebook page or tweet us @fbbootcamp including the hashtag #runloud.

The competition runs from now until June 30th. The winning entry will receive one of the following prizes depending on where you live.

33% off our Body Athletic or Summer Body Beautiful Camp if you live in Brighton or Hove

OR Fitbitch goodie bag including our fab t-shirt for those outside of Brighton & Hove.

So, get your most colourful shorts and leggings on and #runloud!


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Join our #runloud campaign

April 22, 2014 at 4:32
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Running. What does it mean to you?

Fresh air, escapism, a  renewned sense of vitality, peace, and/or feeling confident? Does it make you feel as though you are liberated from your daily grind, if only for a 30minutes or a few hours?

Running is a powerful force that can transform how you feel in all the time it takes to strap on a pair of running shoes and leave your front door. BUT for those of us who run, we also know that it hasn’t always felt this way.

When you first start running, it feels as if the whole world is looking at you. Running tights and compression top? No thanks. A baggy tshirt and a pair of over sized jogging bottoms is the apparel most of us started out in. And even then, it was under the cover of darkness, prarying that you wouldn’t bump into anyone you know.

But with running comes confidence, a time when wearing running tights and a breathable, sweat-wicking top suddenly makes sense. You no longer care what you look like, you are simply proud of what your body can achieve.

Now, we’re calling for YOU to join in this celebration of women’s running confidence with our #Runloud campaign. Forget black running tights, stand out, be counted in the loudest, most colourful leggings that you can get your hands on.

Run proud, stand out, and get noticed. By getting noticed you could help inspire another woman to take up running.

To help encourage you, we are also offering prizes to the best #runloud pictures, either posted to our Facebook page or tweeted to @fbbootcamp. Include the hashtag #runloud.

Our first prize to be voted on by May 10th is 50% off our Summer Body Blitz Camp. Ready to #runloud? See if your running tights can beat our current entrants.








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Winter running: What to wear

October 23, 2012 at 4:08
Posted by Rachael Woolston

As the cold draws in, the wind carries the icy breath of Siberia and puddles deepen, Victoria Del Federico shares her hard earned tips on essential winter running kit


Trail shoes

I used to think these were only for gazelle-like runners, not for mere ordinary mortals like myself.  But as I began running more off-road, slithering down muddy tracks with my legs turned to jelly from the monster hill I’d just come up, I soon began to realise that trail shoes are  a godsend in the winter.

A word to the wise though, don’t just buy any old pair like I did. Try out a few pairs and treat your purchase as importanty as you do when you are buying your usual running shoes.

Can’t afford trail shoes and your normal running shoes? Don’t worry, trail shoes are not essential but they can make you feel more comfortable up on the trails in winter.

Our Fitbitch winter pick for 2012 are Salamon Speedcross, £95



Wave goodbye to cold hands

Hands are the first thing to feel the cold when you are running in the winter, and there is nothing more miserable than icy fingers.

Not only does it feel horrible, gripping your hands can tighten shoulders, lungs and result in headaches.

Opt for water resistant,windproof gloves with pads on the fingers so you can use your IPhone or music without having to take them off.

Don’t try getting away with every day gloves – I started out running a year ago wearing heavy duty fluoroscent ones. They not only made me look like a bin man, but were far too hot and heavy.

Try Brooks Adapt Glove, £17.99 (, with a water resistant windshield when it turns misty, a thumb pad for IPhone use, and even a magnet that keeps the gloves together when not in use.


You can lose up to 75% of your body’s heat through your head so running with a hat during winter is a must, particularly if you want to keep that windy chill from freezing the tips of your ears.

Go for a high tech, lightweight fabric that wicks away sweat and if you have long hair, one with a hole for your ponytail is essential. Otherwise your hat just rides up your head leaving you looking like a Smurf.

Alternatively, if like me, you get too hot running with a hat, try a fleece headband like Ronhill Run Headband, £9.95 ( You may risk looking some Eighties throwback but believe me, you won’t care.

Keep your ears warm

Running jacket

Photos of me running last winter show me swathed in high viz commuter cycling gear. High spec it might have been, but designed for running? It certainly wasn’t.

If you can only afford to invest in one piece of kit for your winter running wardrobe, make it a decent running jacket. It makes a huge difference to your running comfort and enjoyment.

Whatever you do though, don’t waste your money on shower proof or water resistant jackets, as they just don’t cut it. It should be lightweight, so you can carry it without even noticing the extra weight if you need to take it off, as well as being water proof, wind proof and also breathable.

Most running jackets fall down when it comes to sweat-wicking, which just means you just get cold and wet from the inside.

Of course, all that technology comes at a price but get the right one and it will last. My money’s on the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) Kamleika jacket, £150 (worn by Fitbitch coach, Rachael who has had her’s for three years). It really is the business.

Don’t go cheap


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