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Free Girls Run the World Run Together

September 20, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


If you want to run with like-minded women who understand what it’s like to be a beginner, an improver, a chatter or a mover, join us on our free GRTW get togethers led by our fantastic team of ambassadors – our Run Angels. They started with us as total beginners and now want to pass on their love of running to others.

Each run is no longer than 5km and you decide whether you want to run it with the tortoise and chat group or the lionesses.

Whatever you choose, you’ll develop your running and meet a great bunch of women who will inspire and motivate you to keep running.

Locations rotate through Hove Seafront, Preston Park, Madeira Drive, Hove Park on a weekly basis to provide variety.

Pace Groups

Tortoise 10 min miles and over

You are relatively new to running, are just returning to running or simply enjoy running as a time to chat, breathe and take in the sights.

Hare 9/10 min miles

So , you’ve finally begun to realise you like this running lark and you’re not just a jogger? You’ve even started finding yourself going into running stores more than H&M. You feel faster and are looking to improve. This group is for you.

Lioness 8-9 min miles

You’ve been running for a while, or are naturally speedy and are aiming for good race times. You know the difference between Strava and Spotify and use it regularly.

Cheetah – 7-8 min miles

You’ve got the training watch, running shoes for the road and trail and like to try and improve your pace on every run. Running for competition you want to run fast.


Important rules of  GRTW

  • You must be able to run 5km to join the runs.
  • Be polite and run within the pace group you set off with. If it’s too fast, drop back to the one behind and stay within that group even if it feels a little slow. The RunAngels give their time voluntarily to help you run so don’t make it hard for them.
  • IT IS ESSENTIAL that you book your run via eventbrite and fill in our PAR-Q if you have not run with us before. No booking, no run. Click here to book,

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Fitbitch Challenges, Brighton & Hove Triathlon

September 11, 2016 at 8:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

As part of our year long list of community challenges, join us in training and entering the first triathlon in Brighton. You can do it solo or join one of our many relay teams. Yes, it’s a challenge if you have never done a triathlon but challenges are the things that help you grow! Read about the  Fitbitch Challenge community here 


We will also be holding cycle & run brick training and joining for open water swimming

Brighton and Hove Triathlon SuperSprint, Sprint, Relay or Olympic

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Summer Body Blitz – Shoreham

August 8, 2016 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you want to get in shape fast for your holiday, try our focused one week morning courses specifically aimed at helping you to lose a few pounds and so that you feel great once you get into your beach wear. Each session is 45 mins and if you make every session and follow our eating plan, you can expect results. For all levels.

6.30-7.15 or 7.15-8am

Price £60

EARLY BIRD 15% off code: SunnyShoreham at checkout ends July 22nd. Location: Shoreham MAP

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New Shoes & kit from Brooks Running

June 25, 2016 at 12:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

A few weeks ago, I was invited to view the upcoming new shoe launches from Brooks Running – and there are some interesting new running shoes in the range. Pick of my favourites was the Hyperion, £90, their lightest and fastest road shoe. It has a stretch woven upper for a seamless sock-like fit and so I’m intrigued about trying it for triathlon as it should mean I can move straight from bike to running keeping transition to a minimum. It also looks fantastic. It is not a shoe for a beginner though as it relies on you being biomechanically strong. Or at least over a short distance. I’d use these for 5km and 10kms but no  more. Not that they can’t be used for longer distances but you’d need to be a stronger runner than I.





Their big new launch is the Neuro, £115, which looks like very chunky and yet when you pick it up, it feels as light as anything. Aimed at those who want to run fast, the ‘pods’ on the sole are aimed at promoting neurological feedback so that the body adapts and creates improved biomechanics while also creating rapid energy return. It also has a hammock system that helps to wrap the underfoot to help better foot alignment. It looks kind of funky and sounds good in theory but the jury is out until I review them.


Neuro, second down

Neuro, second down

On the clothes side of things, I am a HUGE fan of their LSD Running Jackets, £49. These are absolute genius pieces of kit and I think EVERY female runner should have one. They are super light-weight, windproof and water resistant. Best of all, they pack away into the pocket and you can wear it round your arm. They are invaluable for taking on runs where you don’t know what the weather is going to do and even better for race start lines. I’ve worn it to loads of races and then tied round my arm and been completely unbothered by it, it’s so lightweight. It is one of the best pieces of kit that I own and they’ve no launched it in more funky colours.

And my other firm (excuse the pun) favourite is the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer, from £34, a fantastic running bra that keeps you feeling secure and goes up to a DD cup. it has front adjustable straps as well a a hook and eye back and looks good too.

Moving Comfort, Rebound Racer

Moving Comfort, Rebound Racer

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Marathon Foundations

January 14, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

When it comes to running a marathon, or an event of any distance, having strong foundations in terms of the correct muscles firing, as and when they should, is essential.

While aimed at those training for a marathon or half, it is suitable for all runners.

Build stability in your hips and core, and it will not only help you to avoid injury, it well make you a stronger, more efficient and faster runner.

This small group class of only eight people (open to men and women) continues on from our four week course in November, using anti-gravity training to build strength and endurance, as well as working on mobility and stretching to avoid injury.

It takes place in our indoor studio located near Brighton Pier (parking free at this time in the morning) but if the course is not full, we will also open it to drop ins.

You can choose to book the entire eight week block for £120 (saving £5 per session on the drop in price) or combine it with our Wednesday night Pace and Preparation 14 week course, saving a third off booking this separately.

* Please note Weds evening sessions are women-only.

You can see some of the personalised work we do in the class by visiting our video channel here

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L2R 10 miles

September 6, 2015 at 8:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Have you entered Brighton’s NEW 10 mile road race? Or do you simply want to work on building endurance with a small women’s only group, with guided and professionally coached runs?

Then don’t miss this opportunity in joining our six week course, which will include two optional race events as part of the course (Firle 10km and Arena 10k).

Aimed at runners who can already run 10km, our first guided run will be on September 6th (the following two weeks will be the optional 10km races above to build race preparedness).

For training run locations, these will be listed on our calendar in due course but will be a mixture of road and trail runs.

You can buy all four guided and coached runs, £40 or three drop ins to be used within the course date for £36. (please note,  one run will be on Saturday).


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The Hollywood Bodies Camp

March 14, 2015 at 5:35
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Want to get in shape fast? Then don’t miss our Hollywood Bodies course starting April 13th packed with some of the latest workouts from Los Angeles

If you want to get in shape fast and safely, then there is no better fitness plan that than that of the celebrity elite. After all, stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron have to get in shape not only to LOOK good on the red carpet, but to be STRONG too so that they can pull off a film role.

When Jennifer Lawrence reprised her role as Katniss, she was trained by Dr Joe Horrigon, a chiropractic sports medicine doctor who trains Hollywood’s elite.

As well as strength conditioning and athletic training including sprints, he had 24-year old Jennifer doing unconventional strength and flexibility training, such as climbing.

Meanwhile, Julianne Moore, has long stuck to thrice weekly yoga sessions. But at the age of 54, she has recognised the importance of strength training with kettlebells.

While many women mistakenly tend to avoid using weights, Moore recognises they are one of the most important components of fitness to help boost the metabolism for keeping weight down, not to mention shaping the body and balancing the hormones.

Charlize Theron, 39, meanwhile combines kettlebells with yoga, and Pilates to keep herself in shape for film roles.

So if you fancy experiencing what it’s like to train like a Hollywood star, join us in our Hollywood Bodies camp, a three week course starting April 13th.

The Hollywood elite manage to get in such good shape because they train up to five days per week. They can afford to because it’s often paid for by a film studio.

But now YOU can experience this for yourself with Hollywood Bodies, (three times per week at Queen’s Park, or four times a week at Hove Lawns).

We’ll be incorporating workouts based on those done by the stars and latest innovations including, including Barre workouts, TABATA, Exuberant Animal, Boxing Belles and much more.

Suitable for ALL levels, spaces are strictly limited on every course. Book NOW and you get the chance to invite a friend (new to us) for half price. There are only 3 spaces per class available at this rate.

Our Early Bird deals on Hollywood Bodies closes March 25th.

Ready to book? Click HERE



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