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Summer Body Blast Lewes

June 5, 2017 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston


We will have three course times, 6.15am-7am, 7am-7.45am and 9.45am-10.45am. You must commit to one time slot only. The eating plan will also be available to purchase separately. USE THE CODE SBB FOR 20% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – OFFER ENDS  midnight 26th MAY 2017

Summer is knocking on the door! Let the sunshine in to your life, refresh your eating habits, challenge yourself to try something new with our two weeks of healthy movement including yoga, Pilates-inspired core work, obstacle adventure sessions and lots more.

It will also be accompanied by an eating plan based on the principles of the Fast Mimicking Diet.

Everyone has heard about the 5:2 diet and how successful it is for weight-loss and your health. But, here’s the rub…it’s pretty miserable fasting every week for two days. The new FMD eating plan, devised by Valter Longo, professor of gerontology and biological sciences at the University of California, involves cutting calories for just five days per month and it has been shown to have the same positive effects, improving cholesterol levels, BMI, reduced blood sugar levels and blood pressure, not to mention your waistline.

This course will involve 3 x 45 minute exercise sessions per week aimed at improving lean muscle mass, mobility and cardiovascular health – and confidence! Fun and effective, all you have to do is turn up.


**Please note this course and eating plan is NOT suitable for diabetics and you should consult your GP if you have any health condition that may be contraindicated with a intermittent fasting plan.

Book via our booking page. Assessments are additional at £30 for pre and post.



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Summer Body Adventure Hove

Posted by Rachael Woolston

Choose from three time slots, 6-7am , 7-8am or 9.30am-10.30am.

Book by May 26th using the code SBA at checkout for 20% early bird discount.

Assessments are additional.

Enjoy the beautiful mornings with our fantastic four week course that will get you shape and boost your feel-good endorphins. This four week course comes with a bit of a twist – all the usual things of boxing, running, kettle bell, yoga and Pilates but some obstacle sessions thrown in to make it even more fun and more effective.  Perfect for getting into great shape, or if you fancy trying your hand at an obstacle event …or simply to get fit a little bit differently.

Getting fit and working out with others is fun with Fitbitch, not punishment. Get in shape and feeling great with us this summer.




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Spring Shape Up Hove

April 18, 2017 at 6:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Recharge your energy levels, give your fitness some focus and clean up poor eating habits with our fantastic four week outdoor fitness course.

Enjoy the gorgeous early morning sunlight and the fantastic feeling that comes from having got out and done your exercise first thing, setting you up for an energised day and healthy eating.

This course includes everything you need to build a functional, supple, strong and fit body incorporating sessions from kettlebells to Pilates, boxing to yoga, all with that unique Fitbitch twist.

And we’re back to summer hours, which means even more fitness bang for your buck. (Please note the course does not run on Bank Holiday Mondays but switches to Tues, Weds, Thurs on these days)

Choose from 6-7am, 7-8am or 9.30am-10.15am

Book via our booking page including the code SSU by March 25th for 20% early bird discount**.

All courses include a complimentary eating plan.

Assessments additional: £30


**Please note, discounts will not be added retrospectively. Use the code to book or miss out on the discount!


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Get Your Glow On, Worthing

January 9, 2017 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


WE don’t do old fashioned big class boot camps or boring exercise that you have to endure just for the sake of getting fit.

What we DO offer are courses personalised to you, which provide all elements of fitness from Pilates to Yoga, Boxing to Kettlebells so you get everything that your body needs in one easy package, along with well being and an eating plan.

PLUS, we now offer a body statistics assessment (optional but worth doing) along with a 15 minute one to one or Skype session to help you discuss and define your goals. PLUS DIY Friday group sessions with you course mates using suggested Fitbitch workouts.

With only 10 spaces per course, you’ll get maximum results whatever your aim, weight-loss, feeling good, getting fit, boosting your health, mobility or regaining your sense of self post baby.

We train in a beautiful location right on Worthing seafront with the option of going indoors (again with sea views) if the weather is poor.

Two sessions per week for four weeks, by the final session you’ll be amazed how different you feel.


**Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Get Your Glow On, Hove Seafront

Posted by Rachael Woolston

How can you feel blue if you exercise in this kind of stunning environment?

Beat the blues during the winter months by exercising in this kind of stunning environment

 Choose from 6.15-7am or 7-7.45am

Early Bird Deal ends Dec 18th 2016

Beat the post festive bulge with this course that will get you moving, and feeling and looking great. We will ensure you stay motivated & inspired, with fun and effective exercise sessions combined with life-inspiring outdoor settings. And with small group training, we ensure that Fitbitch is about far more than just exercising, ensuring a bonding experience that helps you to be inspired as much by the changes you feel and see in yourself, as those around you.

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HiiT SQUAD for Runners

September 9, 2016 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Find your inner athlete with these 30 minute exercise classes which are particularly good for the time poor exerciser and runners.  Choose from either 6.30am-7am or 7am-7.30am.

As a runner, one of the most important things you should do to help ensure you don’t get injured is strength and conditioning. It makes the muscles strong so that they can support your joints as you run, and help to improve your posture and running biomechanics.

Do this class and you’ll save yourself a tonne of money in physio bills!

Each class consists of body weight exercises designed to strengthen the legs, gluteals and core to help you become a faster, more efficient runner. At only 30 minutes, these sessions are the perfect complement to run training.


Purchase a 10 class pass for £80 to be used within 12 weeks or buy a drop in single session, £10. All sessions must be booked in advance and booking closes 7pm the evening before the class.

PLEASE NOTE, we are introducing a monthly membership option in September 2017 which will enable you unlimited access to all our sessions, including running. There will be a two month minimum. If interested, please email us in advance.

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Summer Body Blitz Hove & Queen’s Park

August 1, 2016 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you want to get in shape fast for your holiday, try our focused one week courses, specifically aimed at helping you to lose a few pounds and help you to feel body confident. Each session is 45 mins and includes a complimentary eating plan. For all levels, all ages and stages of life.

This is personalised training with the fun of small group training.

They are designed to be taken as one week courses or you can combine them, for instance one week at the beginning of August, one at the end for  even greater effect.

Early bird 10% off if booked by July 22nd using the code SunnyBrighton

OR book and pay for more than one course within August for further discounts

Book two get 10% off using the code August210

Book three and get 15% off using the code August315

Book four and get 20% off using the code August420

Sessions are from 6.15-7am or 7-8am

Hove courses take place on Hove lawns in front of 3rd-4th Avenue

Queen’s Park courses meet at the Old Bowling Green, Queen’s Park

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Body Athletic Queens Park

July 11, 2016 at 6:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Course dates: July 11th – 21st

Choose between 6-7am course or 7-8am course

(Mon, Tues and Thurs )


With the Rio Games almost upon us, join us for this fun two week course inspired by the Olympics. Aimed at BEGINNERS and beyond, this course will include workouts that will transform your body and confidence and change how you view exercising for good. Enjoy rather than enduring exercise as you shape up for summer. DON’T miss our Olympics Games inspired fitness and healthy eating course.

No assessments included on this course.

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Spring’Spiration Hove

April 11, 2016 at 6:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Dates: April 11th – 6th May

Choose between 6-7am course or 7-8am.

(Mon-Thurs one hour & Weds 30 minutes from 6.30am)

Please note that the final week falls on a Bank Holiday and will run Tues-Friday.

Find your fitness mojo, not to mention your tummy and bum muscles with our four week healthy eating and fitness course.

This course will draw exercise inspiration from many different fitness forms from ballet to boxing to childhood games and calisthenics.  Our camps will ALWAYS get you fit and in shape, but this course will also re-invigorate your workout routine or maybe introduce you to an entire new way of thinking about exercising and eating healthily.

All full courses include complimentary 1:1 pre and post course assessment and the Fitbitch eating plan.

Early bird price for one camp, £155 ends midnight, Friday April 1st. Thereafter, £180. To book visit our booking page and choose Hove.

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March 25, 2016 at 1:21
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Want to save over £80 off our Spring-Summer weight-loss and healthy eating exercise and fitness camps? Then grab it NOW as we are offering only TWO flash offer deals per course, per location.

This offer will close as soon as it is sold out or by midnight Saturday 26th. Commit now to six weeks of our courses (you have a two week break in between) and you can be confident of your body changing shape and you feeling great by June.

Shape, stretch shine at our morning bootcamps

If you book both our April and May boot camps – that’s six weeks of fab fitness (don’t worry, you get a two week breather between camps) you will save up £81.50 off the cost of these two courses at Queen’s Park and £68 off Hove Lawns.

Easter Bunny Promo

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5 ways to successfully reset your fitness mojo

February 17, 2016 at 1:14
Posted by Rachael Woolston

It can sometimes feel like winter hangs on forever, dragging you into a habit of  no exercise and overeating. Want to kickstart your fitness mojo? Here’s how…


If you like who you work out with, you won’t need willpower to get you out there getting fit

Get support

Willpower? Pah! If you get the right support in terms of a training partner, real or virtual, you don’t need to rely on willpower. Even the coaches here at Fitbitch, whose job it is to be fit, would struggle without the help of others. So, don’t feel useless if your decision to get out and exercise the night before crumbles into a pile of dust come morning. It’s NATURAL.

The trick is to arrange to meet someone, sign up to a running community or do a fitness class where you know and like the people you are going to be training with. And this last bit is crucial…you can go to a fitness class because you know it’s good for you, but you won’t keep going unless it’s fun and you like the people you’re working out with. It is as simple as that. So if you’ve tried exercises classes before and not managed to stick to it, it’s not because you don’t have any motivation, it’s just that you haven’t found the right one for you yet. Keep trying.

Sun Rise Energy

Ok, we know this might sound a bit hippy but the mornings are getting lighter with sunrise inching forward by up to two minutes per day. Nothing is more guaranteed to help you feel motivated than seeing the glowing sun pop into the sky.

Set yourself a goal

Whether it is something as simple as accomplish your first push up, lose four pounds, run a marathon or take on your first triathlon, having a goal to work towards which enables you to track your progress makes all the difference in staying motivated.  All the clients who book our courses are invited for a one to one session where we help them assess a target that means something to them. Although even those who don’t do our courses can be part of our free Challenge community.

Get yourself a habit

It sounds counterintuitive but the easiest way to get your mojo is to do some form of exercise every day. It will take an effort to begin but if you just schedule in sometime in your day, every day where you have to commit to doing something, you will soon find that you don’t feel right if you don’t.

Last month, we challenged our community to run every day in January and in February we set them a flexibility challenge to do every month. All of them have either children, a job, their own business or all of the above but they have accomplished it simply because they have committed to it and have scheduled it into their day, either straight out of bed, in between making the dinner and serving it or after the kids have gone to bed. Even if it’s just 10 squats per day for one month, you will feel the difference in motivation and your sense of achievement.

Sign up to  InstaIMG_1830-2gram

OK, so the whole fitness selfie thing has gone a bit overboard of late. But if you’re new to exercise or restarting, taking a photograph of your fitness workout every day or the meal that you
have made works as a fantastic visual journey of your progress. When you’re suffering from the doldrums (or a hangover) and are feeling like you don’t want to workout, look back over the month for a picture that inspires you and reminds you how you felt after your workout and it could be that one thing that helps you to lace on your trainers. (For inspiration you can follow us @fitbitchbootcamp)



Good luck! If you do need help with motivation, don’t miss our next four week course Fit Body Blitz starts February 22nd at Hove Lawns at both 6am or 7am.

Interested about courses in Queen’s Park, Worthing or Shoreham? Email us to get on our database and be the first to hear of our Summer launches. Our courses are only open to a maximum of 12 women per camp.

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