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HiiT works!

February 5, 2018 at 12:56
Posted by Rachael Woolston

We launched HiiT Squad sessions, for men and women over four years ago. We know it works. But if you recently watched the BBC’s The Truth About Getting Fit…How HiiT works, you’ll probably now believe it too…



Why is two minutes of exercise so effective? If you watched the BBC programme, you’ll know but even taking away all the science and research and using common sense, two minutes is effective because ANYONE, of any fitness level can put their all-out effort into short, sharp bursts of effort. And it is the intensity at which you exercise that is crucial here. Go off to the gym and steadily ride a stationary bike, or even walk or jog on a treadmill, you might sweat, you might get red in the face but it’s not an all-out effort.

Work for all out efforts and you’ll burn more calories after you’ve finished and you’ll utilise more muscles in that effort, so that will create a greater work out activity in lean muscle tissue. And for us ladies, the more we work to boost our muscle tissue (and you don’t need to worry about bulking up, that’s incredibly difficult to do!) the better our hormone balance.

To celebrate the fact that the rest of the UK are finally catching up with what we have long known, we’re offering our HiiT Ten Class passes at 40% off, less than £5 per session. And if two of you book, on our special Valentine’s Spread the Love offer, you both get 60% off.

All you have to do is go to our Booking page, scroll down to the Hiit Class Pass 10 and input the code hiitworks for the 40% offer. You’ll get 10 classes (Friday, 6.30am at The Level) although the class expires 12 weeks from purchase and classes must used by then. This offer is only open to those new to HiiT SQUAD . For the Spread the Love deal, you BOTH need to email us before 6pm 14th February for our special offer code. 


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HiiT @ The Level

May 12, 2017 at 6:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston

£10 single session/5 class pass, £45 to be used within 7 weeks/10, £80 to be used within 12 weeks.

Please note that booking closes for early morning classes by 7.30pm the evening before.

Open to men and women, meet by the cafe on the Level (on the North side).

Get your glow on with our 30 minute strength & conditioning workouts to boost your endorphins and help get you fit, strong and lean. Particularly beneficial to runners who want to supplement their running with strength and conditioning to avoid injury.

Suitable for all fitness levels, we adapt the exercises to suit YOUR fitness level – if you want to change you shape and fitness, then try HiiT!

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HiiT returns for the summer

April 24, 2017 at 12:53
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you can’t commit to one of our full courses but still want to get fit, flexible and strong, try our 30 minute high intensity interval sessions


Fitting everything in that you know you should for a healthy, well balanced life is, well, just a bit hectic. The irony is, the older you get, the more important it is to stay active.

As women, we begin to lose muscle mass by up to half a pound a year from our early thirties. And by our forties, if we are not doing meaningful, focused strength work (and this means more than walking) we run the risk of our bodies ageing far more quickly than they should.

With less muscle mass, we don’t burn as many calories, result – weight gain. But it’s not just the aesthetic issues that we need to worry about.

Less muscle means it affects our hormone balance and can also lead to the onset of sacropenia, the wasting away of  muscle mass that affects balance, function and strength in older age.

That’s where HiiT is brilliant for busy, working women, mothers and fathers (yes, HiiT Squad is also open to men). You get a 30 minute, super-effective strength session and it’s easy to fit it in.

It’s also super-effective for cyclists and runners enabling you to build up your strength without it impacting on the time you spend doing the thing you love the most – running and cycling.

Anyway, it’s back on a trial basis at Hove seafront at 8pm-8.30pm on Wednesday evenings and at The Level at 6.30am or 7am on Fridays starting from Weds May 10th.

It’s £10 per session, £45 or 5 or £80 for 10.



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Summer Hiit returns, starting Weds 5th April

March 31, 2017 at 5:43
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Whatever is going on in your life, most likely you’re juggling which is why HiiT training could suit you perfectly. A thirty minute blast of strength and conditioning exercise, it’s perfect timing for those getting on/off the train to London, juggling childcare or simply someone who knows it’s important to workout but just doesn’t have lots of time…

What’s more we are launching our special summer HiiT sessions with 20% off our 10 class pass – simply use the coupon SummerLoving at the checkout. But hurry, it expires midnight Sunday 2nd April.



The days are longer, the evenings are light and warm(ish) and everything is beginning to bloom ready for the summer. So why not join us this Spring-Summer for a 30 minute workout.

Suitable for all fitness levels, we provide a workout that will really help you achieve improved strength, aerobic capacity and a leaner look – if you commit to it consistently of course!

We launch our summer HiiT with a special 20% off a 10 class pass but hurry as the coupon, SummerLoving, expires on April 2nd at midnight.

Classes take place on Wednesdays at 6.15pm and 8.15pm at Preston Park playground, perfect if you’re coming off the London bound train/leaving work or can nip out down the hill from Fiveways.

And Fridays at 6.30am and 7am at The Level.

These classes are fun, challenging and effective.  Turn up, get your glow on and feel like you’ve achieved your goals all within 30 minutes.

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Injury-proof your running body

September 14, 2016 at 3:21
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Is your running always halted in its tracks by injury or constant niggles? Help remove the obstacles with a course that helps you to build your stability and strength whatever level of runner you are..


Over the last eight years, we have coached hundreds of women to become runners, get faster and run further so there’s not  much we don’t know about when it comes to women’s running – and motivation to run and keep going.

The biggest reason we see many women fall by the wayside when it comes to running is trying to do too much too soon. And without the correct foundations, this often ends in injury setting you back months.

Our Run Rehab course is aimed specifically at strengthening all the muscles which are essential for running to help you prevent injury and become stronger, fitter and more efficient. Over our six week course (starting Friday 16th September) we will help you build stability and balance both through core and gluteal work in a small group environment.

This course is ideal for ALL levels of runner and will help you rehab and get back to running if you are injured OR help to prevent you getting injured in the first place.

If you have only JUST started running for the fun of it, our Run Fit class may also be suitable. For those new to Fitbitch, you can try your first class of RunFit free by entering the code RFP at checkout.

RunFit, a running and conditioning class for beginners. 7pm Thursdays, Preston Park (Five weeks free with Learn to Run 5km, £7 drop in/included in outdoor season pass)

RunRehab for all levels of runners with targeted exercises to help prevent injury. 8-8.45am Hove Seafront until October and then New Fit Studio, The Level, Brighton. £60 for a six week course.





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