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Intermediate to Brighton/Worthing Half Marathon

November 19, 2016 at 8:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


If you’re already comfortable running to six miles but want the company, motivation and added support of going longer, our intermediate course is for you.

You can choose to join us at various dates along your half marathon journey, allowing you to get the support you need, when you need it.

From 6 miles and upwards, start 19th November (other runs are mainly on Sundays)

From 8 miles and upwards, start 4th December

The final slog to 13.1 miles, stat 8th January

For locations of all the runs, please click here. They vary week to week.

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Event Review: Bright10

October 23, 2016 at 4:12
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Wind and torrential rain greeted runners taking on the Bright10 this year. But it didn’t deter Laura Marshall who ran her first 10 mile race…

I am not  sure what persuaded me to enter the Bright10 mile race as previously, I had always set 10km as my upper distance saying I’d never run longer. A lot came down to the fact that it was not a half marathon (too big a leap from 10km in my mind), it was local which meant that I could walk to the event and the encouragement from the fellow Fitbitch community.

As the event neared and I was juggling commuting to London for work, setting up my own business and raising a toddler, I wondered how I was going to manage it. Then, the Fitbitch Learn to Run 10 miles course came along, that included trails, road, hilly and flat runs to help build mileage which also helped me keep to a plan and stay focused.

On the night before the race, I was feeling quite calm but then I awoke to the windows being thrashed with rain, and the wind whistling around the house. Not the weather conditions I really had in mind, cue the nerves. However, I stuck to my morning run plan; breakfast, running outfit,   foam rolling, and it totally helped me to calm down. And thankfully, by the time I arrived at the race start, the rain had stopped.


The wind had not alas, and the first two miles were hard as we ran into the wind and it gusted sideways. But then the wind dropped and the sun came out! I ran with a fellow runner which worked well as we both had someone to chat to, which was needed when supporters petered out passed Kemp Town just when you needed them on the climb up to Roedean. Having said, that the coaching tips  of “stand tall”, “shoulders back”, “small steps” and “use your arms” had been drummed into us and it helped me get up the hill.


At this point, I should say that it is an entirely road race and at times pretty unattractive if you looked the wrong way – coaches park one way but beautiful sea the other. But the marshals were great and cheering loudly as were the volunteers at the water stations (three in total).

As we headed west from Black Rock, I was familiar with the route and was counting down to the end. The crowds picked up again from the Pier to the finish, with one final double backing by Hove Lawns. “Sprint finish?” said Ness, my running partner. “SPRINT? I’ll go a bit faster,” was my response, although then I went a bit faster still when I saw familiar faces at the end.

It was a great race and I felt amazing to have achieved my ten mile race goal, even with poor weather. And the strangest thing is, that half marathon now doesn’t seem such a big leap!

If you wish to join our community in training for the Brighton or Worthing Half Marathon, our beginners training starts November 6th. Details here.

Race Goody Bag: Haul it or Hoard it?

Well, neither, as there wasn’t one. The medal is a beaut though and we were handed water at the end – I didn’t go for the sports drink on offer or the Clif Bar.

The Good

  • Even with the road closures, it was easy to get to and with the Race Village on Hove Lawns, nothing felt cramped.
  • Three water stations were ample.
  • I thought the double-backing would frustrate me but I enjoyed seeing familiar faces a couple of times.

The Bad

I am glad I didn’t need the toilet as those queues were huge even with a few minutes until the start time.

The Ugly

There was nothing ugly. The day before, someone did mention to me that they no longer to pay to run in their home town/city. I can see their point as a lot of this was very familiar to me but it was the mileage that was my goal.



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Run for the Hills

June 8, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Dates: Weds June 8th – Weds July 27th
(no session on Weds June 22nd and Weds July 13th)
Non members £60
Run Members £50

Drop in session: £12.50


Get stronger and feel invincible with our unbeatable run for the hills course. You will not only learn the best techniques to get you up hills without stopping, but how to run down fast without fear. Most of all, you will improve your speed, efficiency and strength in a supportive environment where improvement is guaranteed.


June 8th Preston Park Velodrome

June 15th: Hove Park The Droveway & Goldstone Crescent

June 22nd: No session

June 29th: Preston Park Velodrome

July 6th: Hove Park The droveway

July 13th: No session

July 20th: Preston Park Velodrome

July 27th: Hove Park The Droveway

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Sunset Trail Run Course

May 5, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Want to explore the South Downs and beautiful countryside on your runs? Then join us for our guided sunset trail running course throughout the summer. Or, if you prefer, drop in when you can.

Each run will start from a different location and will gradually build week on week from about four miles to no more than seven. Check each week’s timetable entry for details or click the link below.

Open to men and women.

Members Price: £36

Non Members: £60

Drop In: £8 (members) £12 (non members)

Enjoy the best that summer running has to offer with our fantastic life-affirming, sunset trail runs on alternate Thursday’s through to the school summer holidays.

The emphasis on these runs is on exploration, adventure and reconnecting with the beauty beyond the beast of race running. Pace will be conversational so it is suitable for all speeds as long as you can run the distance.

For distances and locations of ALL the runs below please click here.

Run One, Thursday 5th May

Run Two, Thursday 19th May

Run Three, Thursday 2nd June

Run Four, Thursday, 16th June

Run Five, Thursday, 30th June

Run Six, Thursday, 14th July

Coaches: Rachael & Tara


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Learn to Run Trails to 10 miles

March 6, 2016 at 8:20
Posted by Rachael Woolston

If you can already run 5km and would love to build up to 10 miles while enjoying spectacular off road running scenery, then don’t miss our popular beginners to 10 miles trails course. It will help to boost your running mojo, not to mention introduce you to new techniques and great new routes to run.

With qualified coach, Tara to help motivate and provide technique pointers, as well as the motivation of running with others, this course will make you fall in love with trail running and also get you ready for the BlueBell 10 mile run (which is also part of our challenge events so you could win points/rewards for taking part) if you decide to join us at this event.

You don’t have to enter but it’s a beauty of a race with carpets of bluebells through the woods where you run. A great achievement to crown your running course.

The course will NOT run on Easter Sunday and those with ** below will run on Saturday. The full course price is discounted for members (annual membership fee costs £50) but if you can’t make all the runs, you can also pay a single drop in fee per Sunday.

Members Course, £45 (drop in £8), Non members, £60 (drop in £11)

March 6th,  Meet First car park on Devil’s Dyke Road AFTER the fork (4 miles)

**Saturday March 12th – Second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road just PAST the Golf Farm sign on the RIGHT (5 miles) map

March 20th – Stanmer Park, car park nearest the tea rooms and church car  (6 miles) map

March 27th – Easter Sunday no run

April 3rd – FIRST car park on Saddlescoombe Road after going over the roundabout

April 10th – Second Car Park on Devil’s Dyke Road just past the Golf Farm sign on the right, see map from March 13 (9 miles)

**Saturday April 16th – Hove Park, by the mini roundabout intersection of Goldstone Crescent and Woodland Drive near Three Corner Copse, (10 miles) map



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Run for the Hills

October 22, 2015 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

OK, we won’t be running up Tough Mudder style obstacles. But, on this course we WILL be tackling short hills, long hills and  stairs.

This course is only suitable for intermediate runners and above who run regularly ever week. It is designed to build speed, power and strength and is particularly relevant for any of our Dream Challenge runners undertaking the Three Molehills relay race. But, everyone is welcome!

Location of sessions will vary every week around Brighton and Hove so please be prepared for multiple locations as outlined below. Open to men and women.


October 22nd: Hills – Roundabout, corner of Woodland Drive and Goldstone Crescent

October 29th: Stairs & Hills  – Asda Car Park, Brighton Marina

November 5th: Hills, Hove Park, corner of the Droveway and Goldstone Crescent

November 12th: Stairs & Hills – Asda Car Park, Brighton Marina

November 19th: Hills, Roundabout, corner of Woodland Drive and Goldstone Crescent

November 26th: Hills, Preston Park Velodrome – followed by celebration drink in the pub!

Price: £60

Coach: Rachael

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Weekend Run

July 21, 2015 at 8:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

A beautiful road to trail run to help you get your legs in before you hit the uphill. A beautiful run that accesses the Downs, running straight from sea level.

This is our second run of four in our Dirty Half Dozen course. You need to be on the course to attend.

Join us for breakfast at Marroccos afterwards if you choose, after a lovely post-run yoga stretch, weather depending.

Location: Marroccos, 8.20am for an 8.30am start.

Parking: King Alfred Centre

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MTB Workshop

June 23, 2015 at 7:30
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Can you already ride a MTB but would like to improve your skills and technique on single track MTB trails? Join us on this four session coaching coach, every other week to practise your skills and explore the woods of Stanmer Park, renowned for their mountain bike trails.

You must already be fit and have a MTB hard tail. This course is not suitable for hybrid bikes or similar.

You may share a course with another female rider, but you can not share the same session. Both of you will need to fill in our health questionnaire when booking.

Alternate Tuesdays, starting Tuesday June 24th at 7.30pm. Sessions last for 90 minutes. Please be at the meeting point ready to ride at the designated time as we can not wait for latecomers.

Price: £56

To book, visit our Booking Page and choose workshops

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