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Fit Summer Bodies Blitz

July 23, 2018 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Feel good and look even better. For those short on time, join us for a two week blitz, designed to build your core and your confidence.

Courses available 6.15-7am or 7-7.45am. 

You can either use our complimentary eating plan OR you can choose to add on a 5 or 10 day vegetarian meal delivery service which we are running in conjunction with the marvellous Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen, a private chef who cooks for a range of private clients and at exclusive retreats around the world. Details of the price for this service plus further details can be found below. 

Gemma’s Wholesome Kitchen Delivery Service will run from 23 July – 16 August only and is available for 5 days or 10 days (no weekends). You can book the two week option 6-16 August but no meal delivery option. 



This course is all about helping you to build your strength, mobility and fitness from the ground up – or if you’re foundation is already there, to help you reach the next level with your fitness.

Every session is different, working on different muscle groups and different fitness systems, – plus it comes with a complimentary eating plan for those who want to overhaul more than just their fitness.

Expect the unexpected – and a lot of fun!

Our partnership with plant based food delivery service, Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen runs from 23 July – 16 August, (choose 5 or 10 days) so all your nutritional needs are met, helping you to stick to a full two week health kick. (For more details and booking on the Summer Fit Bodies Plan click here).



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Join our #runloud campaign

April 22, 2014 at 4:32
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Running. What does it mean to you?

Fresh air, escapism, a  renewned sense of vitality, peace, and/or feeling confident? Does it make you feel as though you are liberated from your daily grind, if only for a 30minutes or a few hours?

Running is a powerful force that can transform how you feel in all the time it takes to strap on a pair of running shoes and leave your front door. BUT for those of us who run, we also know that it hasn’t always felt this way.

When you first start running, it feels as if the whole world is looking at you. Running tights and compression top? No thanks. A baggy tshirt and a pair of over sized jogging bottoms is the apparel most of us started out in. And even then, it was under the cover of darkness, prarying that you wouldn’t bump into anyone you know.

But with running comes confidence, a time when wearing running tights and a breathable, sweat-wicking top suddenly makes sense. You no longer care what you look like, you are simply proud of what your body can achieve.

Now, we’re calling for YOU to join in this celebration of women’s running confidence with our #Runloud campaign. Forget black running tights, stand out, be counted in the loudest, most colourful leggings that you can get your hands on.

Run proud, stand out, and get noticed. By getting noticed you could help inspire another woman to take up running.

To help encourage you, we are also offering prizes to the best #runloud pictures, either posted to our Facebook page or tweeted to @fbbootcamp. Include the hashtag #runloud.

Our first prize to be voted on by May 10th is 50% off our Summer Body Blitz Camp. Ready to #runloud? See if your running tights can beat our current entrants.








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Review: Moving Comfort Rebound Racer – Plus Exclusive Deal

January 7, 2014 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston


Rebound Racer, £39.95 available in B-DD Cup, MovingComfortUK

Hurrah, a sports bra for the generous bust (although only going up to size DD it sadly does not go quite far enough) which does NOT include foam contour inserts. These so called, modesty mouldings just end up making you look like you have had a boob job. Thankfully, there is no such issue with this sports bra, which looks as good as it performs.

Usually, if you want style, you have to opt for a cropped cotton sports bra which may look good but does not provide the necessary support. Otherwise, it’s the hammock style bra in white or black which harks back to women of war time Britain.

Not so with the Moving Comfort, and this is our favourite that we have tested in their range.

It looks great, supports well without making you feel like you are being put into a straitjacket, and comes in a variety of colours from Jade to red, black to purple.

Our only small gripe is that, like many of their other styles, this fastens by way of a hook and clasp at the back with front adjustable straps.  A great idea because it means you can do the back up and then the front, important if you have ever struggled with getting a sports bra over your head and had to dislocate your shoulders to do it up.

But the front fastening straps use velcro and so when you are trying to put them through the hoop at the front, they kept sticking to the material. A minor annoyance and one that we would rather put up with than the alternative – having to get someone to help us do up our sports bra.

And with new research out this week from the University of Portsmouth, which shows how much the breast moves when exercising, wearing the right sports bra becomes even more important.

“We’ve known for some time that the breast moves not just up and down but also from side to side and in and out, and that their is a strong link between movement and breast pain,’ explains Dr Alex Milligan from the University’s Breast Health Research Group. ‘Now we can see exactly where the breast is moving and by how much, this will help us reduce breast pain even more effectively.’

Go without and you may not just suffer from pain but also damage the Coopers ligament, which helps give the breast natural support, permanently.

If you fancy trying out a Moving Comfort sports bra for yourself you are in luck. RunBrighton, Blatchington Road are offering 30% off a range of MC sports bras and 20% off Brooks running shoes.

You must be a member of the Fitbitch running club to get this offer and provide a magic word to get the discount. Email us for the word!


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New Season Shoes – Brooks Autumn Winter 2012

September 14, 2012 at 4:23
Posted by Rachael Woolston


While Grazia, Stylist, Marie Claire, Elle and The Observer magazine are full of this season’s new heels and winter boots, we are just as excited about the Autumn running shoe collection.

Back in July we were invited the view the Brooks Pure Collection range, which boasts three different shoes to suit runners from neutral to over pronation – the Pure Connect, Pure Flow (both £95), Pure Cadence, £100, and their trail shoe version, Pure Grit, £95.

These are cushioned shoes and so are not barefoot but are Brooks version of an entry level to minimalist running. They include  a toe flex which allows the big toe to function independently for a a more efficient toe-off propulsion and are much lighter than other traditional running shoes on the market.

For runners used to supportive shoes, these will feel  noticeably lighter and more natural and would be good for experienced runners who want to try something less supportive. For those used to a more minimalist shoe though they may feel too restrictive.

I have run in the Pure Cadence shoe for over a year, and while I liked them at first, I now find them too structued and they make my feet and ankles feel restricted. But the Cadence is their most structured shoe in the line so  the other types might feel different.

Plus, Brooks are due to launch Pure Drift in Spring 2013, for a more natural feel.

Our other top picks are the Pure Grit, which has been developed with the help of one of the world’s greatest ultra runners, Scott Jurek of Born to Run fame. TheMen’s Running Editor was also raving about this shoe at the launch and we are currently reviewing these, along with the  Racer St 5, £75

This latter shoe could be the answer for those training for a marathon as they are super light shoe, but feature cushioning that kicks in when you are tired.

As you run long distance, your muscles fatigue which can dramatically change your stride, gait and bio mechanics causing many runners to over -pronate. This is when the support of the Racer St 75, would kick in providing support.

Midway through my training for the Lake Garda Marathon in October, I will be reporting back.

All that tech stuff but what about how they look? We are loving the colour ranges, particularly those with our brand colour purple.

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