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#Popupfitness – any time, any place, anywhere

May 29, 2014 at 2:44
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Do you like your workouts to be unique, with an added dash of mystery? Then you will LOVE our new pop up fitness brand

No less than 24 hours notice, it could be anything from a full moon trail run to a glow run, and from yoga in an out of the way, blow your mind setting, to boxing in a nightclub. You want in? Then sign up NOW and get ready for that secret email or text. It could come at any time.

Open to women and men, all you have to do once you get the text or email is sign up to the class. No membership fees, no long term commitment. Just one-off, completley unique fitness events that will stun the senses while at the same time shaping the body.

Want be on our secret pop up fitness list? SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE NOW.

If you are a brand interested in getting involved with our pop up fitness brand, either providing product for goodie bags or promoting your venue please contact


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