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Fit & Glow, Hove Seafront

November 6, 2017 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Commit to this course and you WILL feel and look fantastic come December. This year, we are offering either a two, four or six week option, three mornings per week, along with an 8 session flexible drop in option

EARLY BIRD CODE VALID MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 23. INPUT CODE FG10 at checkout. Only valid with full six/four week course bookings.


All those who commit to the six and four week course will get an complimentary one on one assessment before and after the course, where we will discuss your goals and measure your body statistics so that you can see the difference from the beginning to the end. The course, as always, comes with our complimentary eating plans which have helped hundreds of women lose weight with our courses over the last eight years.

What you get with this course is personalised training in a group environment, all-female coaches who understand your body, your motivations and your goals, whatever age, life or fitness stage you are at right now. And it’s on the beautiful hove seafront with life affirming Autumn sunrises!

We don’t do large, impersonal classes, we get to know you, what motivates you and just what you’re capable of achieving in fitness terms.

When this course starts, you’ll be just seven weeks away from Christmas and the start of the school holidays when your time becomes tied up with looking after everyone else.

So, why not devote this course to being about you? Get fit, lean, supple and calm with our courses that blend everything from body balancing strength work to boxing, Pilates style core work to serotonin soaring fitness games along with yoga sessions that work to help to destress and detox the body while boosting the parasympathetic nervous system.

Our courses are not just an exercise class – we offer you a supportive, fun journey that is as much behaviour changing as butt changing …although it does that too!

Here are your price options

EARLY BIRD CODE VALID UNILT MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 23. INPUT CODE FG10 at checkout. Only valid with full six or four week course bookings.

Six week course, £160 or £144 with 10% early bird discount code if booked before October 23rd. This includes a one to one assessment and works out at £8 per session

Four week course Nov 6-Nov 30th, £140 or £126 with 10% early bird discount code. Same as above but works out at £10.50 per session.

8 single session drop ins, £100 to be used between November 6-November 30th*

Fit & Glow Blitz, £72 December 4-14th*

Coaches: Rachael & Tara

Weekly subscription payments valid only for those undertaking the full four or six week course are now also available, £30 for six weeks per week or £35 for four weeks.



(no assessment or eating plan included)

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Get Your Glow On, Lewes

January 9, 2017 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

How can you feel blue if you exercise in this kind of stunning environment?

Beat the blues during the winter months by exercising in this kind of stunning environment


Runs for four weeks, Monday and Friday only. Course dates: 9th Jan – 3rd Feb

Beat the post festive bulge with this course that will get you moving, and feeling and looking great. We will ensure you stay motivated & inspired, with fun and effective exercise sessions combined with life-inspiring outdoor settings. And with small group training, we ensure that Fitbitch is about far more than just exercising, ensuring a bonding experience that helps you to be inspired as much by the changes you feel and see in yourself, as those around you.

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Reboot Lewes

September 19, 2016 at 6:15
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Two courses: 6.15am-7am for the very early birds, or 7am-7.45am for the early birds

Join us at our BRAND new small group healthy eating and fitness course in Lewes. Three sessions per week of fun, effective exercise sessions taught in a small group environment so you get the chance to experience personalised training with expert female coaches. With a complimentary eating plan.

As featured in Viva magazine. Nab our introductory offer of £60.  Visit the Schedule and booking page for further details.

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