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Members Run @ Yellowave

March 8, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Tonight’s members’ run could be flat, or may be a little undulating, it all depends on which way we run and that is conditional upon the wind conditions on the evening.

Meet outside Yellowave warmed up and ready to run at 7pm.

You can pay and park by meter or at Black Rock car park – just remember to leave yourself enough time to get to the start.

Our membership costs £50 for the year and includes lots of benefits. Find out more here

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Member’s Run Preston Park

February 23, 2016 at 7:00
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Join our running membership*for our FREE Tuesday night runs.

Tonight’s regular Preston Park (meeting at the top end of the Velodrome and park entrance on Preston Drove). Please be on time as we will warm up by running to the cafe to complete the Preston Parkrun route.


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Run Club training: Building endurance & mental stamina

July 13, 2011 at 2:07
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Join the FB running crew

Join us for a beautiful run starting from Stanmer Park, this Sunday July 17th, at 8.30am.

Start building your stamina, endurance, as well as mental strength with our long runs in the country. Depending on your current running ability, there are three distances to choose from, each one of them lead by a FitBitch Running Coach or Ambassador.

On this run, you will get to experience a variety of terrains and beautiful scenery as you take trails through the woods and up to Ditchling Beacon – for those going the long route.

If you are training for Palma Half Marathon or the 10k on October 16th (if you are interested in joining us, get in touch NOW!), this is Week Three. Try to come to the run, or if not, fit this distance in on your own or with a fellow FitBitch Runner.

(If you need a running buddy during the week, or for a long run that you can’t make with the group, post a message on our FB Facebook site. Or contact our dedicated Twitter running list.)

Following the long run, founder Rachael Woolston, a trained yoga teacher will take a 10min yoga for runners warm down and stretch (weather permitting!) PLEASE let us know if you are coming by adding a comment to this post so we can get extra running coaches if needed.

The Routes are as follows:
Going Long (14.5-15kms or 9miles) – led by Rachael

Week Three Palma Long Distance 14.5-15kms
Find more Runs in Brighton, United Kingdom

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Building up (9.5-10kms or 5.9miles) led by Katie

Week Three Palma Long Distance 14.5-15kms
Find more Runs in Brighton, United Kingdom

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Starting out and 10K crew (8kms/4.9miles) led by Melissa

Starting out & 10k crew Week Three Palma
Find more Runs in Brighton, United Kingdom

Location: Stanmer Park, meeting car park to the right of entrance as you enter
Time: 8.30am
Main contact: Rachael 07855 742195
Date 17th July 2011
Drop in rate: £5


Building your distance, Sunday 10th, 8.30am

July 6, 2011 at 1:09
Posted by Rachael Woolston

Poppy, fields and sun

Running at this time of the year up the Downs is beautiful. The smell of sun soaked grass, fields of poppies and azure blue skies, it’s like being on holiday and certainly takes your mind off the hills.
Whatever, your level come and join us on this Sunday’s run (week two of Palma for those who are following a plan, although stick with the week you’re on if you’ve missed some runs).
It is a hilly run but we will stick with you to help you get through it. And honestly? You’ll feel fantastic afterwards and during because it is so nice up there. If you need to stop and walk so be it. You won’t be left behind.
Click here for the link

There are various options depending on which distance you are running so please comment below letting us know which you are going to do. If you are coming to Palma, please try and make this run.

1. New runners or those taking it gradually – 6kms (4miles)
Meet: Hove park on the corner of Woodside Drive and Goldstone Crescent by the mini roundabout
You will head up the same route with the rest of the group. But rather than turning left with the lead group you will continue up to the top of Devil’s Dyke Road and then turn to retrace your steps.

2. Intermediate – 8.5kms (5.5miles)
instead of meeting at Hove Park be ready at 8.45am to leave from the first car park on Devil’s Dyke Road (not Saddlescoombe!) when the rest of the group pass. Just make sure we know you are doing this option.

3. Going long – 13.3kms (8.3miles) – a beautiful but hilly run over the Downs with only a small part of the route where you will retrace your steps.

Those going long will stretch at the end with FitBitch inspired yoga with lead trainer, Rachael.
Lead Trainer: Rachael
Back Up: Melissa
Time: 8.30am
Location: corner of Goldstone Crescent and Woodland drive mini roundabout
Drop in: £5